For youth leaving foster care, their phone can be their lifeline, helping them build credit, search for somewhere to live, find education and job opportunities, and stay in touch with friends and vital support networks.

TELUS’ Mobility for Good™ program will provide youth with access to a TELUS cell phone plan at $0 per month, which will include unlimited across Canada talk and text and up to 3GB of monthly data usage. This service will help youth to stay in touch with friends and workers, and access important services and resources, including employment and academic opportunities. Youth who do not have a phone will have the option of receiving a smartphone from TELUS. At this time the Mobility for Good program is open to youth who were in care in Canada.

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A collaboration between TELUS and Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada (CAFC) and select Centre de Jeunesse Foundations, Mobility for GoodTM helps these kids across Canada achieve independence by providing them with a free phone and a $0 plan, including 3 GB of data for two years.

Young people who have or will be aging out of the temporary or permanent care of a Canadian child welfare agency* AND who are:
• Aged 18 to 26 at the time of application
• Able to pay any applicable overage costs (data or additional features); youth can set up alerts to prevent incurring data overage costs
• Willing to fill out surveys and share information with Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada and TELUS to help evaluate the program and measure its impact
• Able to sign up for a new cell phone plan within 4 months of applying

For Manitoba:

Young people who were in permanent or temporary care of a child welfare agency in Manitoba on their 18th birthday

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