Woven Together: The Art of Textiles

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Opening Reception:
Friday 03 November | 7PM – 10PM (First Friday’s)
Artist Talk:
Friday 01 December | 7PM – 10PM (First Friday’s)
FLATLANDERS STUDIO is proud to present Woven Together: The Art of textiles, by Naila Janzen and Johanna Giesbrecht. Woven Together is a celebration of art that can be found in our everyday lives; from the items that we daily utilize to the relationships we forge.
We find ourselves in a society that has devalued traditional crafts. We have lost the ability to see and appreciate the artistry of well crafted items. We would like the world to see that just because a work of skill can be put to a purpose doesn’t diminish its artistry.
Two perspectives brought together by two friends. As we share our lives together and our love for our craft, the threads of our lives find the overlapping themes and we are woven together.
The gallery is on the 3rd floor of the Winnipeg Centre Vineyard building at 782 Main St. Go around to the back, through the parking lot and the entrance to the gallery is by the fence. Use the elevator in the foyer.
Free Admission
Parking in parking lot behind building