The Vivid Truth – Art Exhibition

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The Vivid Truth is the second solo show by local street artist Pink Panda. You are invited on a visual journey through the process of self-discovery that takes place as one becomes free of the tethers of their past and learns to start over and rediscover for who they really are.

Exploring healing, growth, identity, gender, expression, and most importantly how the expectations placed on us by ourselves and others have an impact on who we become and the process of finding ourselves in that mixture.

Come join the artist Pink Panda on a journey as they explore expectation versus reality by putting their vivid truth on display in a series of vibrant and colourfully explosive experiences for the heart and soul!
The artist will be in attendance on the following days.
Thursday, May 26 – 11am-4pm
Friday, May 27 – 11am-4pm
Saturday, May 28 – 11am-5pm
Thursday, June 2 – 11am-4pm
First Fridays, June 3 – 12pm-8pm
Saturday, June 4 – 11am-5pm
Free Admission.
Please note that masks are mandatory.

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