SEEDS by Annabel Soutar, Directed by Katrina Dunn

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Seeds is a gripping portrait of farming and scientific communities in conflict. Admission is FREE.

Seeds was created through verbatim theatre techniques (a form of documentary theatre in which plays are constructed from the precise words spoken by people interviewed about an event or issue) and is part courtroom drama and part social satire. Seeds documents the 2004 Supreme Court of Canada showdown between Saskatchewan farmer Percy Schmeiser and biotech multinational Monsanto Inc. In question is the legitimacy of patenting genetically modified food crops. The play takes us back to the seminal moment when a single farmer stood up to international agribusiness and almost won.

The University of Manitoba requires everyone on campus to be masked, including audience members attending English, Theatre, Film & Media Theatre Program shows. For this production, unmasked actors will perform 5 metres from a masked audience.

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