Red Bull Power 5

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It’s Time to Squad Up!! **6 Players Max per team, must be 16+ to enter**

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, weekend warrior or just a fan of the game, Red Bull welcomes you to join us on February 2nd @ Assiniboine Park to experience an authentic ODR pond hockey tournament like no other.

Red Bull Power 5 offers a unique twist to traditional pond hockey. Every match will start 4v4 but when a team scores, they will be rewarded a 5th player for a 1 Minute Power Play.

The matches will last 8 minutes and the team with the most goals wins (obviously). If the match is tied after the 8 minutes a 1v1 will be played until a team scores to win the match.

** Substitutions are possible during any time of the match, but not during OT. **

What does registration get you?


Format: **Subject to Change**
-Round Robins
-Knockout Round
-Quarter Finals
-Championship Game
-Closing Ceremonies – Power 5 Trophy & Medals

Not Convinced Yet? Here is a List of other reasons to come:)
-eSports Lounge (NHL 2019…play nice)
-Free Snacks
-Awesome Music
-Burning Ice Sculpture
-Heated Tent to Kick back and Relax
-Skills Zone (Win Prizes)
-Avoiding FOMO
-We hope to see you all there;) For further information contact:

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