Queer Indigenous Solidarity: Voices from Latin America

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We invite you to join us for an insightful panel conversation with human rights activists from Colombia and Guatemala.

Our speakers are leaders in promoting visibility and representation for Indigiqueer communities in Latin America. Hear their powerful stories and learn about the incredible work being done to push forward Indigenous Queer solidarity.


Fernando Us Alvarez (he/she):
A Maya K’ichè Indigenous person and a sexual dissident. Fernando is extremely accomplished as a human rights defender having supported LGBTQIA+ communities all throughout Latin America. She/he is a founding member of REDMMUTRANS – the Red Multicultural de Mujeres Trans (Multicultural Network of Trans Women), a grassroots group comprised in large part by Indigenous trans women from several rural departments of Guatemala.

Olowaili Green Santacruz:
An indigenous woman from Colombia who has produced and directed films that challenge traditional Colombian views on gender and race. Her films have amplified diverse Colombian communities and garnered international recognition. In her own words, “I create stories where my people and the role of indigenous women are vindicated.”

Mónica Estefanía Chub Caal:
A trans Indigenous woman and defender of LGBTQIA+ rights. She is a Maya Q’eqchi woman who fights for the recognition and respect of the LGBTQ community in her territory. She is the Departmental Coordinator of the LGBTI rights organization “Gente Positiva” and the local representative of the Office for Sexual Diversity and Gender in Alta Verapaz, Iximuleu, Guatemala.

This event has been made possible by:
Manitoba Council for International Cooperation, Inter Pares, Dignity Network Canada, Canadian Union of Public Employees, Steelworkers Humanity Fund, and Global Affairs Canada

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