February 18, 2017

Free City Of Winnipeg Programs, Activities & Events

These free programs, activities and events come from the City of Winnipeg itself, from the Winnipeg Public Library, recreation centres, and arenas. They are operated by the City of Winnipeg. At times I add these events in the events calendar and focus on the major ones that most people can enjoy. But there are many free programs and activities that are specialised by age, the level of English, and knowledge. If you look through these guides you might find something that you are interested in.

The Priceless Fun Guide is an all-in-one guide.  It has a list of arenas, recreation centres, community centres and libraries listed by community.  It also has phone numbers and street addresses of places listed above.


At The Library is a bimonthly guide to news and programs at Winnipeg Public Library locations. The library system has hundreds of free programs, book clubs, plus activities for every age group including EAL conversation classes, computer and tech workshops. In addition, the library has free entertainment like movies, folk festival workshops and musical performances just to name a few that many can enjoy.

When and where you can swim for free in Winnipeg:


When and where you can skate for free in Winnipeg:

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