Wi-Fi on Buses – Pilot Project

Throughout 2018 we’re doing a pilot project that will see free Wi-Fi provided to transit passengers on 12 buses that will operate on various routes across the city. Buses providing the service will be clearly marked to indicate that Wi-Fi is available.

How to see if your bus has Wi-Fi
There are several ways to find out if the bus you are travelling on has Wi-Fi:

  1. First, the outside of the bus, above the front door, will be marked with a Wi-Fi symbol.
  2. When checking our online tools such as Navigo,WinnipegTransit.com, our mobile website, and Telebus bus times will display a Wi-Fi symbol next to them when they are scheduled to have a Wi-Fi enabled bus.

We’ve put together a section with some common questions and answers on how to connect to Wi-Fi on the Wi-Fi on our buses. Those questions and answer can be found on our Wi-Fi on buses Frequently Asked Questions page.

In order to access Wi-Fi on our buses, you’ll need to accept our Terms and Conditions. You can find them on our Terms and Conditions page

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