What’s Hoopla?

A free digital media service that offers you thousands of movies, tv shows, educational/instructional videos, documentaries and music titles to borrow. All you need is a valid Winnipeg Public Library card and a web browser, smartphone, or tablet.

There are an unlimited number of copies for the titles in this collection, so that means you won’t need to wait for any item. Start streaming immediately, or download a title to your phone or tablet for offline viewing later.

Also, there are never any late fees with the items that you borrow from Hoopla. Items automatically check back in at the end of the lending period.


These are the steps to stream Hoopla content on your PC or Mac. 

1. Go to the Hoopla website. Click on Get Started Today to start the sign up process.



2. Sign Up. Enter your email address and create a password. Click Next. (Click Log In if you already have an account.)



3. Choose Your Library. Winnipeg Public Library might appear as a library, but if not, you can search for it.

After Winnipeg Public Library comes up, click on the entry and then click Next.




4. Select whether you would like Hoopla to send you email notifications. Then click Next.



5. Enter your library barcode number and PIN (usually the last four digits of your phone number). Provide your consent to Hoopla’s Terms and Conditions by checking the box. Click Next and you will be taken to the page that confirms your new connection to Hoopla.



6. Welcome to the Hoopla Home Screen. The first time you visit the Hoopla screen it will not share as much information as is shown here. We’re sharing what it will look like after you borrow items, as you will see something similar after you borrow your first item.

There are a number of features that you can access through the home screen: your list of borrowed items, a link to browse the collection, a box to search for specific items, and your account settings. You can also logout of hoopla by clicking on logout in the top right corner.



If you click on Settings in the top right corner, you will be brought to this page where you can change your password and personalize your Hoopla experience according to your preferences.



7. When you search or browse for an item, click on the item to see its full listing.

A video listing will contain a summary, a list of cast and crew, the producer, similar titles, and rating information.

A music listing will contain the list of songs on the album, artists involved, the producer, similar titles, and rating information.


Click on anything blue (and hyperlinked) to be shown more listings about that subject or person or producer. For example, if you were to click on Comedy in the listing below, a list of all of the comedy films in Hoopla would be shown to you.



Clicking the Heart icon will add the item to your favourites for faster future checkouts. Clicking the Facebook or Twitter icon will give you the option to share the item’s information (not the actual item) with others. (Both video and music listings will include these three options on their pages.)

You can also rate titles that you’ve watched or listened to by clicking on the 5-star scale.



8. To borrow an item, click on the Borrow button.



9. After you have borrowed the item, the Borrow button will change to say PlayClick on Play to start watching the movie or listening to the music.


This screen also has the link to return the item early. Please note: Returning an item early does not change the number of borrows you have per month. This number remains the same – five borrows per library customer per month.




Listening to music

These are the features available when you listen to music:


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