Places to Get Birthday Freebies in Winnipeg


Katie Dangerfield, online producer of Global News has a nice list of places to get free things and treat yourself on your birthday:

Checked as of November 27.  Some businesses require valid photo identification, whereas other deals require people to register online, either on their birthday or in advance.  Go online about a month, or at least a couple days, in advance for freebies that need registration.  It’s also a good idea to find out whether store staff are aware of their birthday deals, as managers may not always be on site.

Birthday swag

The original article can be found here:

Do you know a place, not listed here, where you can get free things on your birthday? Leave it on the comment section below.

5 thoughts on “Places to Get Birthday Freebies in Winnipeg

  • And the list goes on . . .
    Boston Pizza, when you sign up you get NOTHING FREE.
    You get “Thanks for signing up with My BP. To get started enjoy a
    free starter on us. Offer is valid for choice of Pizza Bread, Cactus Cuts or Yam Fries
    with an accompanying $10. purchase”
    So,once again NOT FREE

    • Most of the information in this post came from the company’s website. I’m sorry if you experienced differently. In February, I’ll be testing out these offers myself on my birthday and I’ll be happy to share the results. In the meantime, CBC News had an article about a Winnipeg woman had good experience with some of the companies. You can read it here if you like:

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